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1   Link   Christian Quaker Internet Mission [CQIM]
The CQIM is a Christian Evangelistic Mission, based in Athens, Greece. We belong to the Conservative Quaker Tradition and seek to spread the Everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ via the Internet.
2   Link   Conservative Friend
An Outreach of Stillwater Monthly Meeting of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends.
3   Link   Conservative Friends of America
Conservative Quakers of America looks to preserve and share the original beliefs of 17th Century Quakers.
4   Link   Conservative Quakers of Canada
Conservative Quakers of Canada looks to preserve and share the original beliefs of 17th Century Quakers.
5   Link   New Foundation Fellowship (UK)
This is the official Web Site of the New Foundation Fellowship in the United Kingdom. The New Foundation Fellowship exists to reacquaint people with the Christian Message that was proclaimed by George Fox and the Early Friends.
6   Link   New Foundation Fellowship (USA)
Gathered by Jesus Christ. Sent to proclaim His everlasting gospel to the inhabitants of the world.
7   Link   Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Offical Web Page of the Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends [Conservative].
8   Link   Ripley Quaker Meeting
Until recently we were known as the Ripley Christian Quakers. We feel that because the Quaker = Christian, we feel we don't need to repeat ourselves, so we are simply known as Ripley Quaker Meeting.Our Meeting is based on the belief that Christ has come to teach his people himself.We meet twice a week in the central Derbyshire area.
9   Link   The Missing Cross to Purity
This site is dedicated to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the fruit of which is peace - quietness and confident trust forever. To those poor in spirit, who seek a much closer relationship with God and Christ. To those pilgrims in a strange land, who know there has to be something more. To those who mourn under the burden of sin; to be truly clean in thought, word, and deed. To those who long to serve the Lord, according to his direction and will. To those wayfaring men and women who have been searching for their Beloved, turn in here. We proclaim the Holy Way to find the water so you never thirst again - to find Bread from heaven- to find fullness and completeness in Christ - to hear, to see and know your Beloved - Christ in you, the hope of glory.

10   Link   Yearly Meeting of Friends in Christ (Primitive / Plain)
Friends in Christ are a small group of Primitive Friends (Plain Quakers) in the United Kingdom, with some adherents and sympathisers in other countries. We are quite independent and separate from Britain Yearly Meeting.